Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little piece of Heaven

A little piece of Heaven…

Since I’m part Tunisian(like Hannibal), the other part is Dutch(like Rembrandt), Belgian(like Van Damme) and German(like Beethoven), I love going back to the country where I grew up and lived the first ten years of my life.
One of my favorite places to go to is Sidi Bou Said. It’s an idyllic  blue and white village where literally everything is blue or white. From the doors to the street trash cans.

One place I have never been to, but definitely will go to is Dar Said. A beautiful small blue and white hotel with the architecture of an old Tunisian house, built like the old Roman houses(which were usually built around a garden).The interior is beautiful, but the view is even more enticing; situated on a small mountaintop; overlooking the blue(of course) sea with the white (need I say more?)beaches.

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