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 Loving Living Rooms

Crazy for Coral

The color coral just has something enticing. It can spruce up any outfit, it suits almost anyone and it has such summery feel to it; and I know I can use a little summer right now.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Christmas 2011

It's been a long time since I've posted anything; it's been a busy couple of weeks...
How was your Christmas?Mine was spent with my family and my new niece (3.5 months and we're all in loove with her!) who was the life of the party and the center of the attention of course.
To let you in on my Christmas; here are a couple of details and a belated Merry Christmas to everyone!

My outfit: brown, gold and a hint of red.
You can swim in it, you can feel it, you can turn it when your cold:
That's right, I'm talking about BLUE!
I love this color and especially turquoise
I guess it reminds me of the sea (not the Dutch one; which is brown..;-) )
Anyway, I wanted to share my love for this color with a compilation what of beautiful stuff I found online.



A little piece of Heaven…

Since I’m part Tunisian(like Hannibal), the other part is Dutch(like Rembrandt), Belgian(like Van Damme) and German(like Beethoven), I love going back to the country where I grew up and lived the first ten years of my life.
One of my favorite places to go to is Sidi Bou Said. It’s an idyllic  blue and white village where literally everything is blue or white. From the doors to the street trash cans.

One place I have never been to, but definitely will go to is Dar Said. A beautiful small blue and white hotel with the architecture of an old Tunisian house, built like the old Roman houses(which were usually built around a garden).The interior is beautiful, but the view is even more enticing; situated on a small mountaintop; overlooking the blue(of course) sea with the white (need I say more?)beaches.


Aaah little shopping paradise, I dream away to a land far far away when I see those Egyptian inspired lamps. Here's the opportunity to dream away with me....


One of my favorite things to do is sleep..I love love to sleep, I think about sleep when I'm awake, I hate being woken up and I hate getting out of my bed, because it means my sleep is over...Maybe I love it so much because I have trouble sleeping, so when I do, I really really cherish it...(writing about it, makes me sleepy..). Anyway, that's also why I love looking at and thinking about beautiful bedrooms with comfy beds, so here you go, enjoy  a few of what I like!

Sweet dreams...