Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having a sister is like having a built in best friend!

Last weekend my sister turned 30 something…A first time mother, this birthday was special. I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for always being there for me to laugh at and with, but mostly for just being there when I needed her.

Dear okhti,

You’re the best sister anyone could wish for.

I have always looked up to you, even when you used me as your living doll :-)
I hated just sitting there for you and your friends, 
I hated being put make up on and
I really really hated it when you did that with pencils and spit.
I hated when you made me sing famous songs and I had to sing the male(!) background voices, I was only 3 or 4 and was doing my best multiple male choir impersonation, needless to say, it didn’t sound very well...
I hated being your circus-slave :-) when you told me to bring my leg higher and higher.

But I loved just hanging out with you and still do!

You’re the best sis anyone could wish for!

Your always very proud little sister!

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