Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things to make your life easier!

I found this on, so read, remember and make your daily life easier!

Keep your Christmas decorations in old egg boxes to keep them from breaking and stocking them neatly.

 Always know which contact goes with which cord!

specially good for apartments or places without a real garden.

Save place in our cupboard

You can do this with cookie dough or bread dough; you can use it  to serve hors d'oevres(cheeses, shrimp salad etc.)

For travel!

Good idea for a kids party or as a treat for school

Never loose those pins again!

I can't tell how much folding these things annoy me; my linen closet never looked tidy

Find and pick up lost earrings!

Use the space you don't use...

This  one is my favorite! never lose the stuffed animals and you can make a game of cleaning the room with your kid.

This is how my linen closet looks like as of last night!

No need for speakers!

Cut the apple, re-put it together, put an elastic around it

That was some advice to make your life a little easier!

More will follow!


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